How to boost testosterone

How To Boost Testosterone: 20 Quickfire Tips

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07 Jun 2024

Supercharge your day…

  1. Increase your physical activity
  2. Lower your stress levels
  3. Eat well
  4. Ditch the bad habits
  5. Add some onions
  6. Check your medications
  7. Get plenty of vitamin D
  8. Take a zinc supplement
  9. Maintain a healthy weight
  10. Use glass instead of plastic
  11. Supplement with ashwagandha
  12. Get plenty of sleep
  13. Stay hydrated
  14. Try some green tea
  15. Try to limit alcohol consumption
  16. Supplement with vitamins B5 and B6
  17. Eat plenty of protein
  18. Avoid high-fat foods
  19. Don’t skip breakfast
  20. Try some black pepper
  21. What’s the best way to boost your testosterone?
  22. Use a quality supplement to fast-track your testosterone boost

    Do you want to boost your T levels in a healthy way? We’ve got you covered. 

    Getting the testosterone flowing is all about sending the right messages to your mind and body. Look after your overall health, and the rest will take care of itself.

    Dwindling testosterone levels can happen for a number of reasons. Yes, low T be caused by underlying health conditions, increased body fat, excessive alcohol intake, chronic stress, or even the aging process.

    Testosterone levels naturally decline by around 1% in adult males from age 30. And often, they just keep working their way down if you don’t do something to improve them.

    There are plenty of ways to boost your testosterone naturally.

    So, let’s get to work and get that testosterone flowing.

    1. Increase your physical activity

    First up in our rundown of natural ways to boost testosterone, we have exercise.

    Exercise and health go hand-in-hand. But if you seriously want to improve your low levels of testosterone, try some resistance training. 

    High-intensity training like weight lifting, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which can increase muscle mass, can help to boost your levels of the hormone.  Greater exercise intensity and volume tend to produce a much larger testosterone response.

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    2. Lower your stress levels

    stressed man

    One thing that will cause your testosterone levels to drop is a rise in cortisol levels. So it's a good idea to try to reduce stress. When your stress levels rise, it elevates cortisol in your system, which suppresses testosterone production. 

    Better time management and practicing yoga or meditation are great ways to manage stress and reduce the production of cortisol.

    3. Eat well

    Making positive changes to what you eat will be a huge step forward to increasing testosterone production.

    Those with an unhealthy diet, high in fats and processed food, tend to have low T levels. So, the more you turn it around, the better your T levels will become.

    A balanced diet containing lean protein, carbs, and healthy fats will help to combat low testosterone. 

    Top tip: Foods you should be looking to eat regularly include fatty fish, olive oil, and leafy greens.

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    4. Curb the bad habits

    Late nights, smoking, and too many takeaways​​—they’re all testosterone killers. Again, it’s a signal to your body that your health isn’t a big deal to you. 

    So, remind your body that it’s a top priority by gradually phasing out any bad habits that will block your hormonal production. 

    You don’t have to do this overnight. Some changes are harder to make than others, but if you take steps in the right direction, you can expect big changes.

    5. Add some onions

    Onions to boost testosterone

    Stocking your kitchen cupboards with ingredients that have been shown to boost T levels is a good idea. 

    Onions are great as t-boosters, and adding them to meals will help your body increase hormone production. 

    Oh, onions can also increase sperm production, help with immunity, improve muscle health, reduce inflammation, and make you mentally sharper. It’s a powerhouse of an ingredient.

    6. Check your medications

    There are some medications that can have the side effect of creating low testosterone levels.

    Check with your doctor if you feel that any medication you are taking is contributing to low testosterone, and see if you can change it for an alternative.

    7. Get plenty of vitamin D

    Low vitamin D levels can cause your testosterone level to fall. Getting out in the sunlight is important to get your levels of vitamin D up. But for those who don’t have the luxury of living in a sunny climate, there are other alternatives. 

    Fatty fish, eggs, and mushrooms are great sources of vitamin D. And to give your body an extra boost, take a vitamin D supplement.

    8. Take a zinc supplement

    zinc supplements

    Zinc is an important mineral that plays a vital role in various bodily functions, including your immune system health, wound healing, and muscle growth. 

    It’s carried into the cells where it has been shown to help slow down the conversion of testosterone into estradiol to give you more free testosterone for more energy. 

    9. Maintain a healthy weight

    Weight gain and obesity are linked to lower testosterone levels, so losing weight through a low-fat diet is a good way to get a much-needed boost. 

    Watch what you eat and exercise regularly to maintain a calorie deficit to reduce body fat. Managing your weight will be an important factor in managing your testosterone levels.

    10. Use glass instead of plastic

    Glass of water

    Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical found in some plastics, and it can seriously affect your hormonal balance.

    Try to store food in glass containers rather than plastic to avoid any BPA issues. It may sound a little leftfield, but using glass instead of plastic certainly won’t hurt your testosterone levels.

    11. Supplement with ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha supports your existing testosterone levels for improved energy, mood, weight loss efforts, digestion, cognitive ability, and muscle gains. 

    It’s been used for years for medicinal purposes and should be high on your priority list. Give it a try!

    12. Get plenty of sleep

    It’s important to get around eight hours of quality sleep each night. A lack of sleep can significantly reduce testosterone production. So if you’re having trouble drifting off—make some adjustments. Try to make the room cooler, and darker, and turn off any distractions to try to get a peaceful, deep sleep night after night. It really is a key part of maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

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    13. Stay hydrated

    man drinking water

    If you’re not hydrated, your body won’t function to its full potential. This means testosterone production will slow down. 

    So, try to hydrate regularly and make sure your body isn’t falling short. Around three liters of water a day is ideal.  

    14. Try some green tea

    The compounds found in green tea can actually help prevent reductions in testosterone levels by blocking the breakdown process of testosterone into harmful DHT. 

    If you’re not a fan of the taste, green tea extract can also be taken in supplement form.

    15. Try to limit alcohol consumption

    Regularly drinking alcohol can disrupt your body’s hormone system. In fact, heavy drinkers can often experience shrunken testes, which limits the production of sperm.

    We’re not talking about completely giving up the booze. But if you feel you can reduce your consumption, that’s great.

    16. Supplement with vitamins B5 and B6

    These are two more “superpower” vitamins that can help you to regain your testosterone. Vitamin B5 has been shown to help with the conversion of fat into energy while supporting healthy testosterone levels. 

    Oh, and vitamin B6 can help support and maintain normal, healthy testosterone levels for increased energy and a cool, clear head.

    17. Eat plenty of protein

    high protein foods

    Protein should be a big part of your balanced diet, but pure protein such as lean beef, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, and eggs are great for helping your body support testosterone production.

    Get your daily fill of protein and you’ll not only improve your body composition, but you’ll also give your testosterone levels the boost they need to succeed.

    Top tip: You should aim to consume at least one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

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    18. Avoid high-fat foods

    Foods that are likely to increase your weight rapidly should be off the table, or at least limited. It’s great to get a treat now and then, but anything that is likely to add excess fat to your body should be avoided where possible. 

    19. Don’t skip breakfast

    bowl of cereal

    A protein-packed breakfast can curb hunger cravings. Breakfast cereals containing whole grain cereals can be beneficial as they provide complex carbohydrates, fiber, zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin D, which support testosterone production.

    20. Try some black pepper

    Black pepper contains compounds like piperine, magnesium, and zinc that have been shown to positively impact testosterone levels and production.  It works by inhibiting estrogen and providing essential minerals for hormone production.

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    What's the best way to boost your testosterone?

    You can increase your testosterone levels naturally by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Make simple changes to work with your body and improve your low testosterone levels naturally.  

    You can do this by…

    • Improving your diet and including testosterone-boosting foods
    • Ditching the bad habits
    • Improving the quality of your sleep and reducing stress levels
    • Keeping hydrated
    • Increasing the intensity of your physical activity
    • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Using a quality supplement

    Working with your body and making these small changes to increase testosterone levels can have a huge impact on the quality of your lifestyle. Just look at some of the benefits…

    • Better cardio health
    • Increased energy levels
    • Improved sperm production
    • Bigger muscle mass and bone density
    • Improved cognitive function
    • Balanced mood and sense of self-esteem
    • Healthier cholesterol levels

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