9 Testosterone-boosting exercises

9 Testosterone-boosting exercises

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01 Mar 2023


  1. The best exercises to boost testosterone?
  2. Why is boosting your testosterone such a good thing?
  3. Build muscle to build testosterone

Testosterone is one of your body's most critical chemicals, especially if you're trying to build mass and improve your muscular strength and physique. 


Because testosterone promotes the healing and rebuilding of your muscle fibers once you break them. As a result, your muscles will grow bigger, thicker, and stronger when you have a healthy testosterone level. 

As a bodybuilder or just someone hitting the gym to gain lean mass, it's essential to do what you can to boost your natural testosterone to give yourself the best chance of packing on the pounds. 

Unfortunately, factors like your diet and habits (such as drinking and smoking) can drastically affect the amount of testosterone your body creates. In addition, your testosterone can also drop as you age. 

Another approach you can take to improve your testosterone levels is to exercise. Studies have found that specific exercises can help you produce more testosterone in your body, helping to boost performance while aiding the recovery process. 

If you're wondering which exercises increase testosterone, here's a selection that you should add to your routine to get the many significant effects of this essential hormone:

The Best Exercises to Boost Testosterone.

Although we'll be detailing some of the specific exercises you can add to your routine to illicit an increase in testosterone, the truth is that there are plenty of other types of movements that you can use if you're not feeling the ones laid out below. 

For example, you can increase your testosterone if you're doing resistance training- performing movements against mass, such as weightlifting or using resistance bands. 

The science behind this is simple. 

Your body will produce more testosterone depending on how much muscle you have. So, if you have more muscle, you will have more testosterone. 

Resistance training and putting your body under strain are among the best ways to build muscle, thus leading to a more significant amount of testosterone in your body.

When you perform these exercises, the amount of testosterone you have will typically only increase in the short term, with the spikes lasting about an hour. That said, if you persevere and regularly include these exercises in your routine, you should see a longer-lasting increase in your hormone levels, which can provide significant benefits.

Refrain from wasting your time on cardio when creating a workout routine focused on increasing your testosterone. 

Although running and rowing can help you burn off carbs and lose fat, they show no signs of increasing your testosterone over time. So instead, here's a look at some of the best exercises you should include regularly.

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  • HIIT 

    HIIT, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, is an intense way to work out and is characterized by short bursts of hard and heavy exercises inter-spliced with rest periods. 

    This type of exercise is typically cardio-focused, which is excellent at burning calories; however, you'll have to be clever to create a HIIT routine that builds your testosterone. 

    Instead of completing a HIIT filled with jumping jacks and burpees, try adding weight training and other resistance exercises. This combination should help boost testosterone; the high speed and rep range will benefit you from a good calorie burn. 

    If you're adding weight-based training to your hit exercises, ensure the weights are lighter than usual. This is because HIIT forces you to complete as many reps as possible within an allotted time. 

    Quick reps at a heavy weight can cause injury and for your form to go out the window. If you want to lift heavy, focus on the other exercises mentioned in this article.  


    The deadlift is a fantastic exercise to boost testosterone and increase your functional strength. If you're a regular and seasoned gym goer, it's likely an exercise you've been doing already. If not - or if you need a reminder - the deadlift is simple to master. 

    To start, you need a barbell loaded with a weight that will have you close to failure after your fifth rep. Once you have that, stand over the barbell with your feet at hip width. Bend your hips back to reach down and grab the bar, keeping your back in its natural arch. 

    When lifting the weight, drive your heels into the floor, pulling the bar along your shins until you stand with your hips fully extended. Hold for a second in this position before returning the weight to the group. 

    The deadlift is helpful because it activates the largest muscles in your lower body and strengthens your core and abs.

    Back Squat 

    The back squat is another tremendous, strength-improving exercise that again puts your lower body under a high strain. Their intensity triggers the release of testosterone and HGH in your body. 

    This human growth hormone can help you get bigger and grow muscles when performing other exercises. As a result, consider putting back squats at the start of your gym routine.

    To perform a back squat, you first need to rest a loaded barbell on your upper back, holding it there with your hands at shoulder width and elbows raised where your arms are parallel to the floor. 

    Once you're holding the barbell steady, squat as low as possible without losing the natural arch in your lower back. 

    When squatting, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart and that your toes are turned out for better stability. 

    Like the deadlift, you should perform the back squat five reps a set for five sets. 

    Bench Press

    The bench press is an excellent resistance-based exercise, as you have to work against the force of weight and push the mass against gravity, making it a super intense workout. Plus, as the exercise targets your chest and biceps, it's great if you want to build an impressive upper body look. 

    The exercise also increases blood flow around your body. This is great for circulation and can also increase your libido, which is why you may be more 'excitable' after an intense workout that includes this exercise. 

    You perform the bench press by lowering a loaded bar to your sternum while tucking your elbows 45 degrees to your sides before driving the bar back to its starting position with your arms outstretched. When performing this exercise, use a bench and arch your back, so there's space between your lower back and the bench. 

    This exercise can be dangerous when using heavy weights, as you may get stuck under the bar if you're too exhausted to push it back onto the rack. That's why it's best to use a spotter.

    Bent-over Row

    The bent-over row is a great, all-around resistance exercise. Although a seated row will also help you boost your testosterone due to the resistance and work on your shoulders and upper back, the bent-over-row also has the added benefit of targeting your leg muscles, helping you build functional strength while improving your appearance. 

    The bent-over row is easy to perform as you pull the barbell towards your chest until your lower arms are parallel to your back. That said, you do need to get the positioning well.

    To ensure you don't hurt your back, bend at the hips and lower your torso until it's nearly parallel to the floor, bending your knees to take some tension off your hamstrings.

    Shoulder Press 


    The shoulder press is more straightforward, as you don't need a barbell and can use a standard machine at most gyms. You are seated and pushing the handles directly above you, activating your upper back and triceps muscles.

    When performing this exercise, ensure your elbows follow a natural pressing path and don't tuck them toward your chest too much. 


    You don't need weights to complete an excellent resistance workout to boost testosterone; the chin-up or pull-up is a great example. This is because you're working against your body weight, which can be intense, depending on your size and strength. 

    The chin-up is a simple movement. Pull yourself up from a pull-up bar until your chin is over it. 

    Many people may need help with this exercise if it is their first time, even if they're strong and fit. To help, you can use a counterbalance to remove some of your body weight to help you build strength and form. 


    Push-ups may be considered an overrated exercise, but the truth is that they're excellent at giving you a full body workout - boosting your functional strength, core performance, and of course, testosterone. 

    Everyone knows how to do a push-up; just put yourself in a plank position, lower your elbows, and drive back up. In addition to the classic, you can do various other push-ups to add challenge and variety while working out different parts of your back and shoulders. 

    To get the best out of push-ups, complete four sets of 10 reps with minimal rest in between.

    Leg exercises

    You may think the best way to increase testosterone is to focus on your upper body and work out your arms, chest, and shoulders. Although doing this will help you build a more masculine appearance, completing leg day is essential. 

    This is because multiple studies have found that people who work out their entire body, including the legs, produce more testosterone than those who focus on their arms and upper body. 

    Although many previous exercises work on your legs, such as the deadlift and squat, you can also focus more on your legs by completing resistance leg raises and other variations. 

    In addition, although cardio can be ineffective at boosting testosterone, cycling machines, treadmills at high inclines, or resistances can help you put additional strain on your leg muscles, giving you an overall boost.

    Why is boosting your testosterone such a good thing? 

    Your testosterone plays a significant part in a lot of body functions. Of course, for most people reading this, the sole benefit you'll be interested in is how it can improve your muscles and physique. Although that's a fantastic perk of high testosterone, it's not the only benefit. 

    When you have a higher testosterone level, you'll feel far more energized and alert daily. This can help you in the gym, as you'll be able to work harder, but it can also be great when going about the rest of your days. People with low testosterone often feel sluggish, even after rest, so boosting your levels can give you a great advantage. 

    Plus, increased testosterone can come in handy in the bedroom department. Not only will it increase your libido, but you'll also be far more fertile and be able to perform better, which can have tremendous benefits for your relationships. 

    On the other hand, those with low testosterone may struggle with erectile dysfunction and infertility, so it's essential to do what you can to increase your hormone levels as you age and naturally experience a drop. 

    Build muscle to build your testosterone.

    If you want to improve the testosterone levels in your body, then hitting the gym and working on the correct exercises is an excellent place to start. 

    Certain exercises are considered far more beneficial than others - such as resistance training - as this strains your muscles and cause them to break down and repair. 

    As you build strength, your body produces more testosterone to help you recover and repair your muscle fibers properly. 

    If you want to boost your testosterone and feel that you need some help, particularly if you're getting older and are naturally experiencing a drop in this hormone, you can turn to natural testosterone boosters, which will help elevate your levels. 

    Testoprime is is an all-natural testosterone support that can help boost testosterone levels - and in tandem, with diet and exercise they can help minimize the effects of diminishing testosterone.